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  Commercial Department
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The Company:

Founded in 1985, HASIB aimed to cope with the increasing demand of computer services, which was imposed by the new era “The Corporate Development Era“ that dominated the country Kingdom–wide in various areas and fields. The resulting era implies expedition of pace and narrowing the gaps between the past and the present to compensate the missed opportunities. In spite of that the success, which is considered as unprecedented achievement, took place in very short time. Therefore, considering the responsibilities and consequences of leadership, HASIB has not only expedited the pace but also took the lead, determined to provide the most distinguished services. Consequently, HASIB is now the pioneer company in this field, translating the abstract computer services in to customers’ real benefit.


“Hasib” Provides the following Services :

  • Technical consultation and detailed feasibility studies for IT  Solutions.

  •  System Analysis and System Design using the latest Technologies.

  • Development of specialized applications.

  • Data Migration and Conversion, from different plat forms and arabization schemes.

  • Digitizing audio-visual documents.

  • Office full automation.

  • Continuous customer support and maintenance.

  • Providing Hardware and computer accessories.

  • Training and Implementation of application software on the customer side.

  • Technical training, and Qualifying Personnel.

  • Providing qualified professionals according to customer requirements.


Besides supporting departments, there are two major functional departments :


* Information Technology Department.

* Commercial Department.

* Marketing & Public Relations Department.