Private Sector
  Government Sector



The Computer Market is rapidly changing, and so it needs a rapid and dynamic attitude so as to compete and ready to cover different customer needs. In anticipation HASIB went beyond that to provide a wide range of software solutions for both Private and Government Sectors.

. HASIB Power Finance (HPF2000)
. Software on the Internet (ASP)
. Real Estate Management System
. Cars Installments
. Shares Holder System
. Hotels and Furnished Apartments System
. Travel Tickets Sales System
. Incoming and Outgoing Mail System
. HPF2000 management supporting systems
. Maintenance and Operation System
. Real Estate Advertisement System
. Work Flow Management System

HASIB Government Suite (HGS.Net)

. General System

. Accounting and Finance

. Human Resource

. Payroll

. Officer Resource

. Soldier Resource

. Training & Expedition System

. Internal Correspondence System

. Purchases Direct System

. Tender System

. Inventory System

. Stock Control System

. Custody System

. HASIB Portal

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