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HASIB Power Finance (HPF’2000) Applications:

HASIB Power Finance is a bilingual ERP system totally developed by “HASIB” to serve wide range of Companies and institutions with various sizes, multiple branches and different activities.

The HPF’2000 contains the following modules :
• General Ledger
• Accounts Payable
• Accounts Receivable
• Fixed Assets
• Personnel
• Payroll
• Stock Control
• Purchases
• Sales System
• Budget Planning
• Checks follow up
• Bank Reconciliation

Advantages and Technical Characteristics of the HPF’2000:

• Based on Oracle Database Management System, Client/Server Architecture  technology
• Bilingual ERP System (Interface & Data Storage)
• Graphical User Interface under various Windows platforms (95/98/NT/2000)
• Working under different Databases (Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server)
• Standard and User Friendly Graphical User Interface
• Online Help through the Impeded Bilingual Manual
• Modules are totally Integrated and consistent, and this eliminates repetition of data entry  and though minimizes cost, effort and time.
• Automated transaction generation as per customization parameters.
• Impeded System for Security and data Privacy with multiple levels of user privileges
• Online Surveillance on users’ data access (add/modify/delete)
• Support of Hijra and Georgian Dates and conversion between them
• Supports 4 levels of Company hierarchical Structure
  (Company Groups/Activities/Companies/Branches)
• Easily Customized and configured as per customer business needs.
• Smooth integrity with other tailor made systems if needed
• Exporting Data from Oracle files to Microsoft Excel format

Providing Applications Software on the Internet (ASP):

We are proud to be a regional pioneer for providing the service of leasing Applications Software over the Internet using the telnet protocol. Using the “Sedco” Arabization system for its VAX Server prepared with the TCP/IP protocol running on an Open VMS OS, “HASIB” is ready to provide the hardware and any techniques needed on the customer side. We also offer technical training, Implementation and Data Conversion from previously used systems to new systems developed by “HASIB”.

Real Estate Management System:

Includes the Following:

• Supports multiple Branches and Locations.
• Comprehensive Records for Real Estate Centers, Real Estates, and customers.
• Classification of Real Estates and Leasing Contracts
• Recording Real Estates Booking, Leasing Contracts and Contracts Renewal and Discharge.
• Follow up of Due Payments. forward Payments and Late Payments.
• Integration with Finance System.
• Printing Contract Break Memo and Discharge Order and Letter of Due payments and service bills.
• Real Estate conciliation on discharge.
• Simple Search for Vacant Real Estates.
• Follow up of Contract Issues like Leasing, Sale, Investment, etc.
• Many Queries and Reports.

Cars Installments:

Includes the following :

• Comprehensive Records for Customers.
• Recording Installment Request form and Car Booking.
• Initial Estimation of Payment Scheduling.
• Contract management and Scheduling Actual Payments.
• Follow up Customer payments and Sales invoices.
• Integrated with the Finance System .
• Many Queries and Reports.

Shares Holder System:

Includes the following:

• Comprehensive Records for Share holders.
• Partial and full Transfer of shares ownership.
• Issuing letter of ownership for shares.
• Merging and allocation of ownership.
• Moorage and moorage clearance.
• Installment payments.
• Auction Selling of Shares.
• Defected and lost letters of ownership.
• Revenues Distribution, and Printing revenues checks for shareholders.
• follow up of checks handling, returned checks, and Blocking some checks if needed.
• Payment refunding.
• General society Meetings.
• Issuing remind letters for installment payments.
• Integrated with the Finance System .
• Many Queries and Reports.

Hotels and Furnished Apartments System:

Includes the following:

• Multiple Hotel and Furnished Apartments Centers.
• Comprehensive records for Hotels, and Furnished Apartments Centers.
• Comprehensive records for rooms, wings and apartments.
• Comprehensive customer records.
• List of Services and prices.
• Reception and Booking.
• Leasing and Discharge procedures.
• Visual Search for Vacant Rooms, wings and apartments.
• Migration between rooms, wings and apartments.
• Maintenance and Internal management procedures.
• Historical analysis for Hotel occupation.
• Cache Management.
• Integrated with the Finance System .
• Many Queries and Reports.

Travel Tickets Sales System:

Includes the following:

• Multiple branches.
• Comprehensive records for Customers.
• Recording tickets classifications .
• Recording of Salesmen information and interest rates.
• Reception and transfer of airline tickets.
• Recording booking orders.
• Recording cache and credit sales.
• Handing of returned and lost tickets.
• Receipt and payment vouchers.
• Credit and Debit Notes
• Tickets stock control.
• Integrated with the Finance System .
• Many Queries and Reports.

Incoming and Outgoing Mail System (Mail Correspondence):

Includes the following:

• Supports tree structured departments and divisions.
• Multi level mail classification.
• Controlling mail work flow
• Handling incoming and outgoing mail in addition to internal memos.
• Saving scanned letters or attachments in picture format for later easy review.
• Documentation of incoming and outgoing mail and mail attachments.
• Automatic Numbering for mail documentation.
• Simplicity and flexibility of Searching process.
• Follow up of mail location and mail status.
• Automatic alerts for users for mail forwarded and unprocessed mail.
• Printing receipt for mail received.
• Linking relevant mails.
• Many Queries and Reports.

Management supporting systems:

The Group of management supporting systems consists of the following:

a. Cars System
b. Cache and Bank Accounts System
c. Auditing System
d. System of Public Relations.
e. System for Secretary of Board of Directors

And they Include the following:

• Records for Board members and board periodic meetings.
• Documentation of Board Meetings and relevant comities.
• follow up of board meetings and meetings funds.
• Recording Decisions and official mail needed.
• Cache and Bank Accounts Records
• Recording cache Flow .
• Providing up-to-date Statement for the Cache and Bank accounts.
• Comprehensive Records for cars and cars specifications.
• Recording renewal of cars documents (License, Periodic Inspection, Insurance).
• Recording cars maintenance.
• Recording operation orders.
• Comprehensive records for entities and people of interest.
• Recording Employees internal and external courses, in addition to courses needs.
• Recording Courses attendance.
• Comprehensive records for Brochures and Posters.
• Recording distribution of Brochures Posters .
• Recording of Advertisements.
• Printing names on Labels for entities and people of interest.
• Controlling employees medical bills.
• Easy comparison between prices lists and hospitals bills.
• Recording Business deeds, and follow up of value dates.
• follow up of Guarantee letters, and renewal procedures.

Maintenance and Operation System:

Includes the following:

• Comprehensive records for Machines and Equipments.
• Recording Maintenance activities ( Period/ Safety/ Instant) .
• Recording of Modifications activities.
• Registration of Operational Units measurements.
• Recording machines Maintenance plans.
• Producing and following up of Period work Orders.
• Producing maintenance reports and maintenance costing.
• Integrated with the payroll and Inventory Systems.
• Many Queries and Reports.

Real Estate Advertisement System:

Includes the Following:

• Comprehensive Records for Real Estates, customers and customers deputy persons and advertisement members.
• Using of Hijra dates.
• Recording Booking, Leasing and Sales transactions.
• Recording and follow up of Customers needs.
• Integration with the Real Estate Management System .
• Geographical distribution of Real Estates.
• Geographical distribution of customers needs.
• Matching customers needs with available vacant Real Estates.
• Notifying customers by emails through out the system.
• Producing Booking, Leasing, Selling and follow up Notes.
• Many Queries, Reports and statistical charts.

Work Flow Management System (Office Full Automation):

Includes the Following:

• Recording all forms circulated as per customer needs and activities
• Send / Receive and Return forms.
• Using Predefined Boxes, with the possibility of adding new boxes if needed.
• Forms could be easily moved from a box to another using the drag and drop facility.
• Integrated with the Personnel System.
• could be easily customized as per customer needs.
• workflow surveillance on form level.
• Extremely secure forms accessed only by those who have the privilege to, following form’s accessibility workflow definition.
• Simplicity of forms Search and follow up.
• Many Queries and Reports.