Private Sector

Government Sector


1/1/2010: Today HASIB Announced the support for Microsoft Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8 as HASIB Government Suite HGS.NET Client, HGS.NET users now can enjoy Windows 7 experience while working on HGS.NET

The (HGS.Net) contains the following subsystems:

Finance System:

Includes the following :

         Chart of Accounts ( as per governmental categories)

         Budget Accounting and approbations

         Departments, Divisions and Individuals Records.

         Engagement and disengagement

         Payment Orders.

         Settlement Permission

         Cache Transfer and other cache transactions

         Report for checks of payment orders

         Permanent and Temporary sponsorship

         Many Reports and Inquiries

Personnel and Payroll system:

Includes the following:

         Comprehensive Records for Employee

         Recording for Job Description for jobs

         Recording Employee Transactions including the following : vacations, promotions, courses, deputation, installments, emendation, overtime, travel tickets, document renewal, allowances, deductions, Altering Job Title, and end of Service

         Generating Monthly Payroll Reports, and Automatic Payment Order posted to accounting

         Providing Evaluation Reports

         Providing definition Letters, and letter of employment

         Recording Comities information and comities payments

         Express Posting Payroll to Banks

         Many Reports and Inquiries

Inventory and Stock Control:

 Includes the following:

         Multi Store and Multi location handling

         Comprehensive and flexible classified guide for Store Items

         Comprehensive Record for Store Items

         Temporary Receipt of Store Items

         Testing temporary received store items

         Receipt Memo, and receipt report

         Issue Request

         Items returned to Stores

         Annual Stocktaking

         Forward Balances

         Inventory Levels

         Many Reports and Inquiries

Purchases System:

 Includes the following:

         Suppliers Records

         Purchase Requests.

         Request for Quotations

         Suppliers Quotations

         Comparison between Suppliers Quotations

         Reserving Money for Confirmed Quotations

         Offers Approval and Confirmation letter.

         Issue Order Form.

         Many Reports and Inquiries

Custody Holders:

 Includes the following:

         Custody Holders Records.

         Custody Transactions : Entry, Issue, receive, return, and transfer of Custody Items

         Providing Employee Custody Record

        Many Reports and Inquiries.

Incoming and Outgoing Mail System (Mail Correspondence):

 Includes the following :

         Supports Multi level administrative divisions

         Multi level mail classification

         Controlling mail work flow

         Handling incoming and outgoing mail in conjunction with internal memos

         Saving scanned letters or attachments in picture format for later easy review

         Documentation of incoming and outgoing mail and mail attachments

         Automatic Numbering for mail documentation

         Simplicity and flexibility of Searching process

         Follow up of mail location and mail status

         Automatic alerts for users for mail forwarded and unprocessed mail

         Printing receipt for mail received

         Linking relevant mails

        Many Queries and Reports

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